All Season Protection is one of the most sought after full service licensed, bonded and insured (5 Million Dollar insurance policy) security companies within the hospitality industry of New York City.

Sal Tommasino and Carlos Stio are veterans of the New York City nightlife scene, each with more than twenty years of experience in all aspects of the industry. Former bar and restaurant owners, the two have built All Season Protection knowing exactly what bars, restaurants and night clubs need to protect their patrons, staff and business assets. Sal has built a strong reputation as a security expert within the industry and is often asked to speak at nightclub/bar/restaurant conventions across the U.S.

Sal and Carlos have strong working relationships with law enforcement, the state liquor authority and numerous city agencies, one of many reasons they have been able assemble the finest security team in the business.

With upper management consisting of retired law enforcement personnel – including former commanders of cabaret units, vice squads and the mayor’s task force – their vast contacts and relationships ensure clients are given the proper guidance to ensure that all rules and guidelines are followed at all times so they may operate without interruption and within guidelines set forth by law enforcement, community boards and the State Liquor Authority.


Active Shooter Prevention/How to Respond

After recent tragedies it is now more important than ever to make sure our children and families are safe. All Season Protection is capable of providing armed security guards (Retired Law Enforcement) to all places of public assembly (Schools, places of worship, movie theaters, hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, construction sites etc.) All security guards are properly trained for an active shooter situation.

  • ASP and its high ranking retired law enforcement personnel will conduct a thorough walk thru of your location and together we will give a physical assessment of your establishment to locate any risks before a potential tragedy.
  • A well-developed active shooter plan tailored to your specific wants and needs will be produced.
  • Active Shooter training for your employees and/or faculty.
  • A systematic increase of overall security services (ie. cameras, physical security, other security devices)

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific security needs and concerns. Together we can structure a security plan that will satisfy all of your areas of concern as well as work within your security budget. All Season Protection offers a wide variety of services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Risk assessment & Defensive Strategy
  • Crowd Control & Conflict Resolution
  • Evaluating Security Integrity and Operations
  • License and Permit Requirements and Preparations
  • Fire Safety
  • Inventory Controls
  • Applicant Screening
  • Physical Security (lighting, fencing, surveillance systems, city ordinances, etc..)
  • Guard Performance/ Adequacy
  • Theft detection and Prevention
  • Training for Department of Health Compliance & Inspections
  • Illegal Substance Awareness
  • Standards of Ethics and Business Conduct
  • Enforcement of Non-Smoking Laws
  • Compliance with NYPD, FDNY and State Liquor Authority(SLA)
  • Representation at Community Board Meetings
  • Personal Security Screenings (Searching or frisking) & Metal Detector Usage

Community Board Applications are a specialty of All Season Protection. We will appear on your behalf with a full security plan and traffic schematic to meet and exceed all expectations required by local CB’s. With our vast experience in the hospitality industry All Season Protection can help with the application process in order to obtain a full on premise liquor license.

ASP can act as a liaison between clients/license holders and local law enforcement agencies. If necessary we are able to arrange meetings with local precinct commanders and cabaret conditions officers to ensure that all lines of communications are open and proper community protocol is fully adhered to.

ASP has also held integrity seminars for major corporations to train their staff in the prevention of theft and illegal activity. Please feel free to contact us with your specific areas of concern.